an old school interview from my early days of spinning

This is an interview I did way back in 2008 when I had just put together my first drum and bass mix and played my first few shows. The interviewer was Solo Sexx member Velvet Vulture who I went to UMass with. I’m mostly putting this up for nostalgia purposes because a lot has changed since then, but it talks about how I started DJing and what it was like being a raver in Ohio when I was first getting into DNB.


Interviewer: Velvet Vulture aka Julia Sherratt
DJ: DJ Badboon aka Brandon Smith

Velvet Vulture: How long have you been a DJ, and what got you interested in the first place?

DJ Badboon: I’ve been DJing for about 4 years now but I’ve only really gotten into it in the past 2. I got introduced to DJing when I was going to school in Ohio around the time I first started going to raves. Two freinds of mine at school, Derrick and Josiah, spun drum and bass, and I was going out to Continue reading